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Timesaving Design Center Software

One of the most important things you need to know when you build a home is what type you are building and what material will be used to create it. While the former is up to the property owner, LAN Data Systems Inc. has design center software that will make it easier to convey the necessary information to your building crew.

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How It Works

Our home design software allows you to interview your client and help them figure out what building materials they need. Once you're finished with the home building interview, you'll know exactly what materials to use in the home. The material selection will be sent to the supplier at the design center. From there, you can go check out samples of products and choose your favorites. Our software will track what you choose.

After your client finishes the interview, this program can send the selected materials to any of your company's workers or outside contractors so they know exactly what to use and there are no delays with getting the home built. Since it's sent electronically, nobody will lose the paperwork that has the materials they need.