LAN Data Systems Inc.

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About LAN Data Systems Inc.

LAN Data Systems Inc. has sold innovative automated home inspection systems and décor centre technology since 1998. It all began with an idea in 1994 when everything was done manually by hand on paper. Our founder, a home builder, wanted to create automated home inspection systems for residential homebuilders to make the process more efficient.

We started performing inspections in the unit with a Telex handheld computer in 1998.  The technology has come a long way since then!  News of our great applications travelled by word of mouth, and our little company grew as more home builders saw how much time and effort we could save them.  Currently, we serve many of the largest home builders in the Greater Toronto Area and nation-wide. 

LAN Data Systems is a family-run business that prides itself on excellent customer service and support.  Our customers are like family to us and we are always available to assist with the transition to our software.